Newspeye now available on Windows Phone

Great news! Newspeye is now available on Wndows Phone… Next stop is IOS which should not be long at all.

Check out our new videos and Newspeye app page. Get Newspeye


Catch you all here soon with some IOS News.



Phonegap Development a Quick guide.

Over the years I have made a number of apps for various platforms. Something that has rubbed me up the wrong way for a long time is how little you can reuse the code between different platforms. What with a burgeoning family and having crossed the forty year old barrier, my capacity for development has been somewhat diminished. Recently I have turned to phonegap to leverage my many years in html development and reduce the time converting between platforms.

In this post I will list all of my handy html5 tips that I have scoured the web for, in the hope that it may save you all some time.

I hear you! ‘HTML5 is rubbish, that’s why Facebook dumped it’ well as my wife often tells me, I’m not listening, so I’ll give it a spin anyhow.

Both Newspeye and Pinadays apps are HTML5 and both run pretty damn close to native speeds. But it took some time to get it that way, especially on the Android platform.


Try writing a HTML5 app for Windows 8. Windows 8 is very forgiving if your HTML5 code is a little sloppy, which my first attempt was! cough… It still ran like a dream on windows 8 thanks to Microsoft’s fast browser, with direct X.

For animations use CSS3 transitions and transforms. In Newspeye I used two simple classes for a simple slide in settings bar, using javascript was very jumpy.


       		-webkit-transition: all .5s ease-in-out;

		-webkit-transition: all .5s ease-in-out;

The next issue for HTML5 apps is the click delay. There seems to be a 300ms delay while the browser is waiting for a second click or gesture. This is easily removed using FastClick and it instantly transforms the feel of the app.

Remove the horrid tap highlight when you click on any link or button use

-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);
-ms-touch-action: none; //for IE10
<meta name="msapplication-tap-highlight" content="no">//IE10

Manage the viewport. There is a great guide here

Control the layout on orientation using @media, again there is a great guide here


Check out this book it’s full of great tips for HTML 5 Development it’s sure to help, its helped me a bunch.



Travel Industry Site Design Frustration

Recently I have been planning my holiday, I did what most people do and turned to the great all knowing internet. A couple of hours searching and bingo I’ll have it all sorted, one fantastic holiday!

The two hours turned into something of a marathon, which ended with me quitting in the early hours of the morning. The problem was that I didn’t know where I wanted to go, and travel websites do not cater for people in my situation.

Try it, go to any of the big travel sites, what is the first question you see?  ‘where do you want to go’. I know when I want to go,but other than a few choice countries I haven’t a clue ‘where I want to go’.

Now ditch the internet and go to any high street travel agent. What is the first thing you see?… Everything! Shelf after shelf of holiday brochures. This is something that internet travel sites just don’t do. Many sites make the token effort of the obligatory inspiration page, presuming to know what the customer wants. None of these worked for me and I’m sure that they won’t work for most.

I needed to find that property and location that I would fall in love with, and without repeating the same search over and over for all the locations that I would like .

It’s sad that most of the travel industry seems to neglect a good portion of their customer base. Believe me, I would much rather book my holiday online, than make the journey to a number of travel agents.

Discovery is the key for customers who don’t know where they would like to go. If you don’t show what you have, how do customers know what they want?

Travel site owners, share all of your stock! and across many countries, let your customers see the great selection you have, let them filter on criteria that they want, not what is dictated to them. Only then will they discover and fall in love with that one special holiday, hotel or villa.

J Lance Pullen
Quality hand picked holiday villas

Why Apple will have to make you a cyborg.

It is inevitable that googles direction in controlling your personal devices (Project Glass) will become the norm. For you or me, well not me,  it maybe a step too far, early adopters and our children however, will embrace it. Some have argued that it would create cognitive dissonance and the brain would be repulsed. I would like to remind you of the repulsion people displayed about ebooks, many of my friends said they would never convert, most have. The ‘it’s just not right’ argument has played out time and time again. Records to CD, CD to Mp3,  and the move from analog to digital in all its forms, each time the new, easy to use technology winning out. Device control will also follow this process and will have the very same detractors, my money is on the side of history.

Project Glass

The trend of smaller, faster and  better usage will inevitably win out, eventually leading onto contact lenses and beyond. The tactile world is coming to an end.
Apple will have to follow this process, regardless of its philosophy, or the biggest tech company in the world will become one of the smallest. 
Lets hope that the Apple i(eye)TV may not turn out be a TV after all, besides why would they get into a market that is collapsing.

I guess will will all find out soon enough.

Like a good wine MMOG’s just get better with age


I have been rummaging through my dusty draws of late, looking for an old bit of code that I wrote way back in 2002-2004. the good news is that i found it on an old archos mp3 player, the one with a hard drive, not this fancy memory stuff! I whacked in some batteries, how quaint, and copied what remained of the code onto my server. A couple of hours later it was up and running. It’s a space exploration, resource management and battle MMOG called Battlescope, check it out here.
It’s all working so feel free to signup and have a poke around.

Let me know what you think.


Mobile App Promotion : Creating Facebook Adverts. Be careful!

Indie developers will pretty much try or do anything to promote their apps and I’m no exception. However one thing I haven’t tried, until now, was creating a facebook advert.

Reach the exact audience !?

Reach the exact audience !?

In theory you have a perfect way to target your audience, all that lovely data facebook users offer up is there ready for the taking, or is that for targeting?

You can target on precise interest which lets you define your ideal audience, this maybe from their listed interests, activities, education, job titles and pages they like or groups to which they belong. Topics can be targeted to; these are indicated by a hash, using these you will pick up potential customers who have expressed an interest relating to that term. Along with defining the age, sex, location it all sounds perfect for a niche app like Mickey’s Boxing Trainer. You know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true …

See how I get on after the break.

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Mobile App Development : Windows Phone 7 AI boxing trainer app goes live.

Hi all, I’m happy to announce that Mickey’s Boxing Trainer, a free AI boxing / kickboxing training app for Windows Phone 7, is now available on the windows phone 7 marketplace

Mobile App development : Mickey's Boxing Trainer

Get fit boxing and kickboxing with your own AI trainer. Your AI trainer (Mickey) will call out moves for you to perform. Control his call speed, number of moves in each call and how hard he makes you work. Mickey is a master in both boxing and kickboxing, you can ask him to train you in either, or just get him to time your rounds for you with his round timer.



Mickey's Boxing Trainer Settings



Mobile App Development : New boxing app

I have always loved keeping fit and have tried many different disciplines over the years, some more successfully than others. A fascination of mine at the moment is with the convergence of personal health and technology, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, activity level, sleep patterns can all be tracked and monitored to help you live a more healthy lifestyle.

As a result of my current obsession I have produced my first fitness app, drum roll please…

I introduce to you ‘Mickey’s Boxing Trainer’ a free boxing / kickboxing training app for Windows Phone 7 phones.

Mobile App development : Mickey's Boxing Trainer



Get fit boxing and kickboxing with your own AI trainer. Your AI trainer (Mickey) will call out moves for you to perform. Control his call speed, number of moves in each call and how hard he makes you work. Mickey is a master in both boxing and kickboxing, you can ask him to train you in either, or just get him to time your rounds for you with his round time.


It’s more than a random boxing move caller, I have developed my own system that holds true to boxing and kickboxing moves and combinations, whilst introducing an element of randomness to keep the workouts fresh. I use this myself and Mickey can be a hard task master.

The app is now being processed by the Windows Phone Marketplace and should be availiable soon.

Stay tuned.



Turbocharged twitter promotion : following your competitors followers

Hi all, I have found a great little tool here for you.
Have you ever wanted to automatically follow all of your competitors followers, or follow all of the users from a keyword search? Well let me introduce to you TweetAttacks 2.

Mobile App Promotion : TweetAttacks

Mobile App Promotion : TweetAttacks

TweetAttacks 2 lets you do all of the above plus lots more, including direct messaging, unfollowing, scheduled twittering across multiple accounts and replying to twitter keywords posted by others (which I’m hoping is a game changer for me.) all without the limits of the api.

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Learning iPhone Game Development

I put off moving over to iOS development for some time, the time consuming task of learning a new language (objective c) really did not fill me with enthusiasm. A good week later of reading and coding and I was on top of the language learning curve.

This was the book I followed, I was definitely a dummy at that point, it takes you through a step by step process from the very basics to the more advanced topics.

Objective C for Dummies

The Xcode 4 development environment on the mac is really very good, you will need at least snow leaopard to run it. It’s not up to MS standards but still very handy. I’m running it on a very modest Mac mini with 1 gig of ram! it certainly runs fine enough for my needs (not something you could say about MS visual studio running on 1 gig).

For games I opted to use cocos2d, which is a great library it saved me from messing around with openGL. I downloaded a kindle version of Learning Cocos2d to my iPad, which made for quick reference.
The book takes you through the whole development process from your first sprites to integrating your game with Apples Game Center. By the time you finish working through it you will have a fully working game!.

This book that I got recently has to be one of my best book purchases ever!  Worth every penny.

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