About Sire Assemblies

Sire Assemblies has its fingers in a lots of pies, mainly apps for mobiles for the moment. But there are numerous websites just about ready to hit the WWW.  So check back soon!
Our Websites
Coming soon!  Here Boy!!
Our Apps 
Planet Cracker for iPad
This is an upgraded version to the original planet cracker. Better graphics, more planets, better sound effects and most importantly UFOs!
Banzai Birds
This game is the best ever blue bird falling game.
Guide Kamakazi Dave past rocks cliff edges and the evil owl. finally pulling his parachute just in time to land on the target. Pull the rip cord too late and splat!
Planet Cracker Free
My first Windows Phone 7 app. I was a little board one weekend and bingo now I’m hooked on game and app development.
Cause a massive chain reaction and blow up as many planets as you can with just one finger tap. Uses mobile leaderboards for its highscore list. Are any of you in the top 10?
This game is my current favourite. Simple, good looking, addictive and a quick play. My brother (from the days of doing the graphics for Tombraider and Chuck Rock) knocked out some nice sprites and backgrounds for me. I wouldn’t be able to do anything half as good and I’ve very greatful for the help. Find out what the crack is and download it :)

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