Mobile Game Review : The fantastic cell voyage!

Cell Free

Cell for windows phone 7 puts you in control of a tiny cell in a macro world . Your aim is to grow by absorbing smaller cells around you. Smaller green cells help you grow, but larger red cells will suck out your insides, get too small and it’s time for the great petri dish in the sky!

To grow you have to hunt down the smaller cells, but to move you have to jettison some of your own mass in the opposite direction that you wish to travel. This is where things get tricky, unless you use your momentum or rebound off the macro world walls, you will quickly become too small to hunt down your target. And just to make things harder some cells , in the infection mode, have AI and will make a run for it.

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You control your cell by tapping near it causing a small amount of the cell to be squirted out, propelling it forward.
The aim of each level, within all the games types, is to absorb a set number of other cells, or to grow to a specified size.
I enjoyed the gravity levels most, but this could have been taken further, with perhaps multiple cells to orbit around instead of just one central cell, or even each cell having is own gravity well.
You can control how much of the world you can see by pinch to zoom / zoom out which helps you navigate about your macro world, but as useful as it was, it detracted from the sense of growth. Removing the pinch control and zooming out to reveal a larger world when you reach a certain size, would have had a more dramatic effect.

I also would have liked to see something that threatened my existence other than bumping into a larger cell, maybe viruses or small critters that eat you up.

As a return for my hard work when completing a level, my cell dividing or something similar would for me more rewarding than the level ending with a splash screen saying ‘level complete’ it seems a little, pardon the pun, sterile.


The graphics for Cell are simple and functional, the cells look very good with their pulsating innards and look very much like you would expect under a microscope lens. Each cell is the same design which could be expanded on with more designs for each cell type.

The background could be better with perhaps partial images of other blurred out macro worlds flowing in and out of view.


Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ve seemed a little hard on this game, but it’s more through frustration born from a solid game concept not quite fulfilling it’s maximum potential.
Cell is a good game it will keep you occupied for many hours, as it is doing for me, and it’s free to boot. With a few tweaks and a tip of the hat to Spores cell based level it could be an even better game!

Download your copy, you wont regret it.

4 out of 5

App Name: Cell Free
Ver sion Reviewed: 1.8
Category: Games
Developer: Vidia
Price: free
Score 4 stars out of 5

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