App Store Rejection – Reasons for Rejection: 10.6

Recently Planet Cracker Free was rejected by the app store for the following reason:

Reasons for Rejection:
10.6: Apple and our customers place a high value on simple, refined, creative, well thought through interfaces. They take more work but are worth it. Apple sets a high bar. If your user interface is complex or less than very good it may be rejected.

Specifically, we noticed your app doesn’t offer enough interaction to the user. For each game the user taps once to destroy a planet and then the game plays by itself. Additionally your app included poor quality images.

I thought this odd as previous versions of Planet Cracker passed with flying colours. I replied to the apple review center as follows :

‘The game is a chain reaction game which requires only one click to initiate the reaction. The skill is in the judgment of how big a reaction you can create. Also while the chain reaction is going you have to destroy escaping UFOs by tapping on them. I feel this is more than enough interaction.
The style is of cartoon cutout style.

I have happy iPad version users who feel the game was worth the price they paid.

I do feel this app should have been approved.’

A few hours later they responded:

‘Thank you for your response and clarification. After further review we have found that your application is in compliance with our guidelines.’

Happy days! It goes to show that apple, despite initially getting it wrong, listen to their developers. This makes me feel very comfortable with them.
If you have a gripe with Apple, contact them in a polite,logical fashion and state your case, you will more than likely get somewhere.

What are your experiences of apple app store issues?

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