Learning iPhone Game Development

I put off moving over to iOS development for some time, the time consuming task of learning a new language (objective c) really did not fill me with enthusiasm. A good week later of reading and coding and I was on top of the language learning curve.

This was the book I followed, I was definitely a dummy at that point, it takes you through a step by step process from the very basics to the more advanced topics.

Objective C for Dummies

The Xcode 4 development environment on the mac is really very good, you will need at least snow leaopard to run it. It’s not up to MS standards but still very handy. I’m running it on a very modest Mac mini with 1 gig of ram! it certainly runs fine enough for my needs (not something you could say about MS visual studio running on 1 gig).

For games I opted to use cocos2d, which is a great library it saved me from messing around with openGL. I downloaded a kindle version of Learning Cocos2d to my iPad, which made for quick reference.
The book takes you through the whole development process from your first sprites to integrating your game with Apples Game Center. By the time you finish working through it you will have a fully working game!.

This book that I got recently has to be one of my best book purchases ever!  Worth every penny.

Learning Cocos2D

I recommend recoding an existing app for iOS, it means that you can focus on the learning rather than the game logic, after a total of two weeks and I had an iPad version ready for the AppStore.

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