Mobile App Development : Advertisement stats comparison

About thirty days ago I ran a little experiment with regards to advertising my latest iPhone app. I purchased space on a high profile iPhone gaming web site for $137. I also purchased advert space on a lesser known site for $25. For 30 days I let the two fight it out in a bloody match of cost effectiveness.
Finally here are my results, I hope this sheds a little light on possibly the better promotion route to take after the app development is complete.

30 day stats for high profile advertisement

30 day stats for a lower profile advertisement

30 day stats for a lower profile advertisement

As you can see the impressions were more or less the same, the click rate and number of clicks is quite different however. I’m not sure what is the reason for this, the adverts were identical and both in the top right location (Note: top left normally converts the best.). Maybe the high profile site has a better community or more engaging design that leads to a better click rate.
Even taking the higher numbers into account it seems to me that the $25 option is the one to go for, spread your advertisement budget over many lower profile sites (I could have gotten five ads for my $137 budget in this case!) and you will get a bigger bang for your buck.

There are other aspects to take into account such as the profile and awareness, these may be higher with the more popular site, not everyone clicks on the advert to get your app. These aspects are harder to track, so pick your poison and let me know how your get on.

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