Mobile App Development : New boxing app

I have always loved keeping fit and have tried many different disciplines over the years, some more successfully than others. A fascination of mine at the moment is with the convergence of personal health and technology, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, activity level, sleep patterns can all be tracked and monitored to help you live a more healthy lifestyle.

As a result of my current obsession I have produced my first fitness app, drum roll please…

I introduce to you ‘Mickey’s Boxing Trainer’ a free boxing / kickboxing training app for Windows Phone 7 phones.

Mobile App development : Mickey's Boxing Trainer



Get fit boxing and kickboxing with your own AI trainer. Your AI trainer (Mickey) will call out moves for you to perform. Control his call speed, number of moves in each call and how hard he makes you work. Mickey is a master in both boxing and kickboxing, you can ask him to train you in either, or just get him to time your rounds for you with his round time.


It’s more than a random boxing move caller, I have developed my own system that holds true to boxing and kickboxing moves and combinations, whilst introducing an element of randomness to keep the workouts fresh. I use this myself and Mickey can be a hard task master.

The app is now being processed by the Windows Phone Marketplace and should be availiable soon.

Stay tuned.



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