Planet Cracker 2 for Windows Phone 7

Mobile App Promotion : Planet Cracker 2 Screenshot                           Mobile App Promotion : Planet Cracker 2 Screenshot


We are not alone in the universe, far from it we are overrun by pesky aliens! They are everywhere and it’s your job to reduce their numbers!

Use your giant god like finger to set off an interplanetary chain reaction and destroy as many of their worlds as possible.


Don’t let any escape in their flying saucers! Take them down or they will just multiply again!

You are our only hope, may the giant omni present finger be with you.

10 Crazy waves of ever increasing pesky alien planets to terminate.

Crazy UFO destroying fun.

Explode your way to the top position in game center.

Get your copy now and crush those pesky aliens.

Any comments or suggestion please feel free to email me : sire at sireassemblies dot com

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