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Hi guys, as you all know I love developing apps and games etc for mobile phones, to be honest I would do it for free, but that’s not going to keep the wolf from the doors of us developers. Promotion is the dark art of making money from your hard work, dumping your new mobile app development onto the marketplace or app store of your choice will not be enough, unless your are very lucky your income and downloads will be minimal.

There is a short time frame where your app is new and the latest release lists will be promoting it, all of your different aspects of promotion need to take this into account to give you app the boost to obtain that critical mass of users and comments.
Here is what I tend to do for each of my app promotions.

You will need to spend a little money promoting your app, I have run a little test concerning adverts and their cost effectiveness, take a look here to see my post.
Give yourself a resonable budget say $200 and use the likes of buysellads to target some $25 advert slots. You can get some amazing deals if sites are struggling to fill their ad space. I personally wouldn’t go over the $30 mark.
You can use the same creative for each site, but I find it’s best to do a different one for each and rotate around your different creatives every week or so. Make them quite distinctive from each other, especially color wise. Do not do advert rotation for all of your creatives on all of your chosen sites, if all of your adverts are rotated quickly then they will get taken for granted quickly and your click rate will suffer, rotate every week or so depending on your campaign duration.

If you are contacted by a site to see if you want to use their ad space, a lot of them will target new apps, don’t be shy about asking for a review as a condition of paying for an advert slot. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

Indie Developers Re-tweet Group is a great way to get your app out into the wild and noticed. Potentially it can be exposed to around 28,000 people, better than a kick in the mouth! See my post here on IDRTG.

Facebook. Get a page and make it look good! You should have been posting updates on development etc long before release, but you have to start somewhere! Keep up regular posts and don’t forget a button linking to your Facebook page, twitter account and website from your app. this is great! It’s basically where a lot of gaming sites get their press information. You will need to sign up and prove that you are a developer or a website. Once you are in you can create your press release and email it to them. Soon your press release will be on lots of sites and plastered all over the web. Remember to add all your links (facebook, twitter, website and app link)
This is also great for your company website, giving it many back links from highly ranked sites.

Have your list of contacts from your preferred websites, send them the press release along with a creative or two. It always help to send some images as it means any post about your app will help make their site a bit more attractive and could result in a review.
If you have a special relationship with one or two sites, get a press release to them first, you may even want to consider a preview copy a week or so before the launch. You can get valuable feedback from the reviewer that you can implement before launch.

Locate forums where you can inform the readers about your app. Using promo codes is always a good way to keep your post at the top of busy forum. Post a list of promo codes and ask users to post which of them they the have used. This gives your post the look of a busy or popular post and will attract even more attention.
Check the post rules as some sites will not like you posting promos.

If you have other apps you can run a competition to get a copy of each one, for the highest score of the week. Promote your competition on the forums, on your site and Facebook page, press releases and on your website.

Create a video of your app and post it to YouTube. I post progress videos as well as final promo video. Again remember to add all your links (facebook, twitter, website and app link)

While being able to create your own mobile app development is all well and good, not everyone can code. For those that cannot code all of the above can still apply to you, you just have to outsource. Use the likes of elance and get your idea built. If you need a helping hand

Let me know how you get on and feel free to post some tips of your own


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