Turbocharged twitter promotion : following your competitors followers

Hi all, I have found a great little tool here for you.
Have you ever wanted to automatically follow all of your competitors followers, or follow all of the users from a keyword search? Well let me introduce to you TweetAttacks 2.

Mobile App Promotion : TweetAttacks

Mobile App Promotion : TweetAttacks

TweetAttacks 2 lets you do all of the above plus lots more, including direct messaging, unfollowing, scheduled twittering across multiple accounts and replying to twitter keywords posted by others (which I’m hoping is a game changer for me.) all without the limits of the api.

I’ve been focusing on Planet Cracker 2 for Windows Phone 7, a limited market but I have seen a good response since I have started using this system.
I have updated both my twitter icon and profile to promote Planet Cracker so that each potential customer that I follow via TA, gets a quick blast of information and the links to the promoted app.

Mobile App Promotion : Marketing on Twitter

My Profile

In a hope to boost my twitter followers I have been focusing on following users that are following relevant topics or other users. I started targeting user accounts associated with the app I’m promoting, Eg windows phone 7 game websites such a bestwp7games. This ensures, well at lease has a greater probability, that your target users have an interest in windows Phone 7 games. Much more effective than blindly firing off follow requests to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I have even targeted games journalists  when releasing a game or issuing press releases.

TA let’s you run your twitter promotions across an unlimited number of accounts, the free version however is limited to just five accounts.
Twitter has a following limit of 2000, after which their followed to following allowed ratio cuts in. The free version has a five account limit, this means you have a limit of 10000(+ follow ratio) users. The full version has no such limit.
There are some tools within TA that will help you manage the number of followers that you have accumulated.

The unfollow option, can help you mange your 2000 limit and the subsequent ratio constraint by unfollowing any users that you have followed. The age of the users that you unfollow can be set in the settings area, the default is two days. One thing to note is that users who have followed you back are protected, as they have shown some interest in you or your product.

Mobile App Promotion : Promoting on twitter

Task Settings

Task types in TA cover: follow other users followers, follow other users followingfollow from a list, unfollow and follow from keyword search.

TA is not speedy by default, each follow and task will experience a delay so that your account or connection will not be block by twitter. This is due to the settings and they can be changed to help speed things up but you run the risk of being blocked. You can work from behind proxies and remove the delay entirely, I haven’t as yet done this as the speed for me is fine when reduced by a few seconds.

Mobile App Promotion : Promoting on twitter

Task Delay

After separating the wheat from the chaff, by unfollowing those that do not follow back, I should get a fantastic set of followers from using TweetAttacks, and hopefully they will be interested enough in my future apps to purchase one or two.

TweetAttacks for me is working a treat or should I say tweet. I haven’t as yet looked into all the additional options such as replying to users messages, direct messaging etc, I’ll let your know how it all works out, but I must say I’m quite excited by what this tool can do for me.

You can find TweetAttacks here this is an affiliate link, clicking it, and purchasing this great product will net me some cash money. We all have to live, right?

In the meantime if you have any tips on using Tweet Attacks then drop in a comment, they are always welcome!


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