Spending money on advertising your app.

I’m currently running an advertisement on TouchArcade.com. It’s something that I haven’t done on this scale before (it’s normally $25 tops). Being a developer means that I’m naturally averse to spending money on promotions for my apps. However that did not stop me from spending $137 on a 325 x 250 advert… gulp!

It all started well but after a few days clicks started to dry up at around the 27 click mark, way short of my hopes. To combat this I added two new banner ads each focusing on different aspects. let’s hope it keeps things ticking clicking along.

App advertisement statistics

App advertisement statistics

One thing I do recommend is www.buysellads.com, you can remove/add new creatives as you go and not necessarily for the same app. If you time your developments right you can have multiple apps ads rotating on the same paid advertisement space.

To be continued…

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