Why Apple will have to make you a cyborg.

It is inevitable that googles direction in controlling your personal devices (Project Glass) will become the norm. For you or me, well not me,  it maybe a step too far, early adopters and our children however, will embrace it. Some have argued that it would create cognitive dissonance and the brain would be repulsed. I would like to remind you of the repulsion people displayed about ebooks, many of my friends said they would never convert, most have. The ‘it’s just not right’ argument has played out time and time again. Records to CD, CD to Mp3,  and the move from analog to digital in all its forms, each time the new, easy to use technology winning out. Device control will also follow this process and will have the very same detractors, my money is on the side of history.

Project Glass

The trend of smaller, faster and  better usage will inevitably win out, eventually leading onto contact lenses and beyond. The tactile world is coming to an end.
Apple will have to follow this process, regardless of its philosophy, or the biggest tech company in the world will become one of the smallest. 
Lets hope that the Apple i(eye)TV may not turn out be a TV after all, besides why would they get into a market that is collapsing.

I guess will will all find out soon enough.

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